Peer Review Process

Peer Review System

Larix Journals conducts evaluation of work in the manuscripts by peers who have an expertise in the relevant field. A thorough peer review will be carried out with a motto to maintain standards of quality, improve performance and provide credibility. Our goal of performing a comprehensive peer review system is to publish only the research results that are suitable for a scientific journal. Larix Journals implements double-blinded peer review system to ensure unbiased review.

We ensure that all the articles published in Larix journals undergo integrated peer review by peers and consequent revision by authors when required.

Why peer review? What are the benefits?

The author receives detailed and constructive feedback from experts in the field. The process can alert authors to errors or gaps in literature they may have overlooked. It can assist with making the paper more applicable to the journal readership. It may enable a discussion (between the author, reviewers, and editor) around a research field or topic. Readers can be assured that the research they are reading has been verified by subject experts.

Peer review system of Larix Journals assures that

  • Submitted article is original work which has not been previously published nor is under consideration by another journal, in part or whole.
  • The article meets all applicable standards of ethics.
  • The paper is relevant to the journal's aims, scope, and readership.
  • A submitted article presents original research findings.
  • A submitted article offers a comprehensive critical review and evaluation of key literature sources for a given topic and
  • The article is methodologically and technically sound.



Dr . Carlos Martinez
Professor , Sociedad Mexicana de Otorrinolaringologia , Mexico

Advanced Journal of Otolaryngology

Dr . Gautam Sethi
Professor , National University of Singapore , Singapore

Advanced Journal of Cancer Biology

Dr . David Mushota
Doctor , Morning Rise Clinic, Zambia , Zambia

Advanced Journal of Otolaryngology

Singapore Journal of Gynaecology and Pediatrics

Singapore Journal of Nursing Research

Advanced Journal of Medical Sciences

Dr . Prameela Devi Yalavarthy
Emeritus Professor , Kakatiya University , India

Asian Journal of Molecular Biology

Advanced Journal of Cancer Biology

Advanced Journal of Chemical Biology and Biologics

Advanced Journal of Earth, Energy and Environment

Dr . S. Jamal Mustafa
Professor , West Virginia University , USA

Singapore Journal of Cardiology

Dr . Manu Malhotra
Assistant Professor at AIIMS Rishikesh , AIIMS, Rishikesh , India

Advanced Journal of Otolaryngology

Dr . Mukkanti Khagga
Emeritus Professor, Centre for Chemical Sciences & Technology, IST, JNTUH, India , JNTUH , India

Advanced Journal of Earth, Energy and Environment

Dr . Anil Gopala
General Manager, Verder Scientific Pvt. Ltd, India , Verder Scientific Pvt Ltd , India

Asian Journal of Advanced Nanomaterials

Dr . Sadanandam Palle
Scientist , JNTUH , India

Advanced Journal of Chemical Biology and Biologics

Dr . Jyothi Vantikommu
DST-Women Scientist , JNTUH , India

Advanced Journal of Cancer Biology