Advanced Journal of Cancer Biology

Published On : Aug 19, 2019 | ISSN- Applied

Advanced Journal of Cancer Biology is an open access, peer reviewed, quarterly journal under Larix Publishing Group, whose purpose is to bring a cognizance on the etiology, types, and treatment of various cancers. AJCB welcomes authors with scientific interest to publish their original research, reviews, case reports, editorials, short communications etc., to  and the AJCB manuscripts received will be appropriately scrutinized with a peer review process and only quality manuscripts are published after getting the acceptance from the expert team.


AJCB is a premier journal which publishes all the types of scientific data in the field of therapies of cancer and show path for the discovering new methods or mechanisms for curing of cancer. The Scope of Advanced Journal of Cancer Biology covers carcinogenesis, cancer cells, latest technology in cancer detection, cancer biology, cancer biomarkers, molecular cancers, apoptosis, genetics of cancer metabolism and molecular biology, cancer informatics, anti-cancer drugs or agents, cancer epidemiology, types of cancers, tumor studies, mutagenesis, whole-body metabolism, including diabetes and obesity, in relation to cancer, metabolism-based imaging, pathophysiology, preclinical and clinical studies of metabolism-related cancer therapies, entire spectrum of clinical and experimental hematology, blood transfusion, including cancer stem cells, medical oncology, including diagnosis and treatment of lymphatic neoplasias, leukemia‚Äôs and solid tumors.